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Chateau de Pitray

Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

Chateau Pitray France From Inside Tours

Chateau de Pitray, Southwest France, departement La Gironde

Pitray has been owned by the same family for the last six hundred years. Originally, a XV century feudal manor built by the Prieurs stood on the land of Pitray. It was replaced in the XVII century by their descendants, a branch of the Ségur family, Lords of Pitray, whose only daughter married her neighbor Elie de Simard, a former mayor of Saint Emilion, in 1715. During the Second Empire Chateau Pitray France From Inside Tours(Napoleon III), in 1868, General Louis Viscount de Simard de Pitray had the present castle built by an architect from Bordeaux named Blaquières. The style is Renaissance (Victorian-gothic) favored by Viollet le Duc and modified by architect Blaquières to suit the taste of the times. This impressive building is surrounded by a park featuring century-old centenarian oak and cedar trees, and an ally lined with Sequoias.

The present heirs, Count and Countess de Boigne, endeavor to combine family traditions and progressive solutions in order to maintain their ancestors’ heritage and pass it on to the next generation. Their sons Nicolas and Jean de Boigne have been in charge of selling Pitray wines since 2003, as its quality is ever more acknowledged throughout the world.

Chateau Pitray France From Inside Tours

Mr. and Mrs. Count de Boigne

As early as 1969, their grand-father and mine, Louis de Pitray, began modernizing the estate and established long-standing commercial relationships with the United Kingdom and the United States. Since then, Nicolas and Jean have opened up markets in Canada, Japan, China, Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark, without of course neglecting their private customers (including restaurants) in France. In this age of globalization, it is rare to come across a long standing family venture which succeeds in this competitive world.

Pitray is located about 35 miles north-east of the city of Bordeaux. It is situated on the plateau de Gardegan just north of the western end of the Dordogne river and valley. The countryside is heavily landscaped with vines as the main agricultural product of the area is wine. It is a half dozen miles from the famous town of St. Emillion, a village in which they have been producing wine since the 4th century. Its appellations (wine classifications) are world famous, along with many monuments and its monolithic church.

Pitray is open to all those wishing to learn more about our wine or, indeed, to enjoy the magic of this estate and stay in one of our recently renovated spacious guest rooms.

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