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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

"There were truly magical moments as I rode along through the small French villages, or when I had to employ maximum output of each pedal stroke up a classic climb. The routes Allan chose were as spectacular as one could imagine. Pictures will never accurately convey the true flavour of the scenery whether it was a small village with quaint stone houses, or mountain streams winding their way next to the road through an intense green forest. At times I actually seemed to be in my own small world rolling along thinking this must be a dream."

Jack Meltesen

Cycling in the French Pyrenees Mountains.

When you get lost in the Pyrenees it is almost a blessing.

If you get lost in the Pyrenees it is almost a blessing.

It all depends on how much you like to ride a bike. As a cyclist I love to discover new roads, and the Pyrenees mountains have spectacular backroads - like the one pictured above. But watch out, these roads can lead to steep climbs that add up, and before you know it you have climbed 3000 feet in 10 miles. That's all good, unless of course it wasn't part of the ride plan. 80 miles and 8000 feet is one thing, but 80 miles and 11000 feet is something else. Then again the Pyrenees are magnificent, and on a clear sunny day the lush green rolling foothills, with the ancient farms scattered about, and the larger mountain tops on the near horizon...well it is breathtaking.

Cycing in the French Pyrenees

The end of August in the Pyrenees and the sun is shinning.

Cycling in the French Pyrenees

Just a couple days from the Mediterranean sea.