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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

Allan, your description of the Bordeaux Cycling vacation package was an understatement! My wife and I had one of the most enjoyable vacation experiences ever!

Living out of the Pitray Chateau for six evenings was most relaxing, especially owing to our gracious hosts (Pierre-Edouard and Alix de Boigne); combined with the great accommodations. Not having to pack/unpack multiple times made for a very pleasurable experience as well.

The cycling routes you selected contained great variety, historical significance, and natural beauty. The casualness of the group rides allowed people of various skill levels, experience, and objectives to participate together yet "split-off" and do their own thing as desired, another advantage of having the Chateau as an "operational base" for several days. We especially enjoyed having a dunk in the oversized pool upon our return from riding.

Rick Carpenter

Cycling Bordeaux wine country France

Cycling bucolic country roads, drinking Bordeaux wines = your life at Chateau de Pitray !

A cycling friend summed up his riding experience in the Southwest of France with the following, "I can't give it a 10 because that doesn't exist, but I give it a 9 out of 10." I don't want to embellish, but he is not far off. Small country roads with little traffic that go on forever meandering through beautiful countryside. Go ahead and try to imagine a better setting. Take a look at the road above. You could stand at that post for 15 minutes before a car would come by. Notice how the road has no painted line to divide it. The reason is simple, it's too narrow. That road was once a dirt path leading from one small farm to another, or maybe a village or commune. Today it's paved and ride-able, and the only people using it are those that live there. The countryside is an endless matrix of roads just like this one. I kid you not, but you could ride a 100 miles - staying within a 5 mile radius - and never ride the same road twice. So little time and so many roads!

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